‚ÄčArmed Electric LLc.

Armed with Knowledge... Knowledge is Power... Power is Light! 

  Spencer began his electrical career as a young apprentice at the age of 16. Working with well known and reputable contractors here in the valley who gave him a vast and well rounded foundation in the electrical industry. He started his first electrical contracting company in 2002 as one of the youngest, licensed electrical contractors in the valley at the age of 22. The refining process over the years has given our company a stark contrast to our competition. We are personable, reputable, and  passionate skilled tradesman.


  As fast as our company grew, our family grew even faster! Spencer is a proud father, friend and teacher to 10 of the most amazing  kids! The success, organization, love and care behind this large family unit and business wouldn't be possible without Spencer's sweet wife Tami. Together we consider ourselves a traditional family who hold our Faith, Family and Friends with the highest regard. We raise our kids to live by The Golden Rule, and have instilled in them the value of a strong and moral work ethic. We run our business with these same principles and that is why we surpass and exceed any expectations against our competition. And now Spencer is teaching his work ethic and skilled trade to his oldest sons.

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